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The brand architecture audit

The brand architecture is a process. This process need to be revised if the company wants to set the appropriate direction for its brands, be that corporate or product brands. The brands architecture audit enables compliance with established procedures and determination whether the structure of brand architecture should be changed. We differentiate the brand architecture audit at two levels. First is the compliance audit and the second is the strategic audit. The first one is defined as a bottom-up audit of the individual brands while the second one or the second phase is a top-down audit conducted on multiple levels (Douglas, Susan P. et. al., 2001, p. 111; Rajagopal and Sanchez, 2004, p. 245)

Douglas, Susan P. et. al. 2001. Executive Insights: Integrating Branding Strategy Across Markets: Building International Brand Architecture. Journal of International Marketing: 9/2, p. 97-114.
Rajagopal and Sanchez, Romulo. 2004. Conceptual analysis of brand architecture and relationships within product categories. Journal of Brand Management: 11/3, p. 233-247.

Marko Savić
I’m raising awareness of the connection of business model innovation with design thinking. Have just published a book on business models design. You may wish to meet me in person at my next workshop or interact with me on Twitter.


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