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What is brand architecture?

Brand architecture should have five dimensions: brand portfolio, portfolio roles product-market context roles, the portfolio strukcture, and portfolio graphics. While we know five dimensions there are six objectives to be followed if the designing the brand architecture is to achieve a an effective and powerful brand impact (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2000, p. 134-135). And the powerful system of the brand architecture is the prerequisite in the development of the corporate identity.

What is brand architecture?

What is brand architecture?

Figure source: Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2000, p. 135

Source: Aaker, David A. and Joachimsthaler, Erich. 2000. Brand Leadership. 2000. The Free Press. 350 p.

Marko Savić
I’m raising awareness of the connection of business model innovation with design thinking. Have just published a book on business models design. You may wish to meet me in person at my next workshop or interact with me on Twitter.

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