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“I believe in user-driven and design innovations. Available technology will only come to life by our smart decisions and good choices during the design process. We should think big, but start small!”


Industry/sector: +Advertising +Design +Research

My first B-2-B experience was marketing city posters in the outdoor advertising company Tam-Tam in 2000.

Since then I’ve gathered extensive experience in creating numerous B-2-B marketing initiatives for others and for my companies.

I’ve worked on numerous design and marketing projects with some of the most know brands from Slovenia (Ljubljanske mlekarne,, Simobil, NLB, Radenska…). I even had the opportunity to work with some multinationals (GSK, Sandoz…) and in recent years also for dozens of the small- and medium-sized companies.

But, some of my most important business development and B-2-B marketing insights come from my two years stay in Berlin, from the business development and marketing of the Vizuarna 365i interactive annual report system.


+Design teams +Speakers +Entrepreneurs +Public workshops

My workshop, training and seminar participants are usually divided into groups, where they solve a particular problem. I specialise in Business Model Innovation using Business Model Canvas.

Testimonials from my workshops >


Photos by Nada Žgank

Find more testimonials from my coaching assignments >


+User centred design +Usability testing +User experience research +Content management systems (CMSs)

User research tools

+personas +wireframes +story-boards +information architecture workshops (card sorting method)

My first experience with interaction design goes as back as in the year 2000, where I had to develop the project web site, having the potential of reaching all Slovenian households (600.000). For the project we developed our own CMS. Since then, I have been working with all major CMSs, and developed along several custom based. Among them – the special integrative design system for the interactive annual reports – Vizuarna 365i. I was personally responsible for the product upgrade of the 2010.

Read more about the design and development of the interactive annual reports design system 365i in the testimonial of Renata Lovrak >

Vizuarna 365i promo video for the interactive annual report design (Slovene) / Vizuarna 365i promocijski video za oblikovanje letnih poročil from vizuarna on Vimeo.

Vizuarna 365i promo video for the interactive annual report design system (in Slovene, 3.55 minutes)


+Interactive annual report design system – Vizuarna 365i +Media planning intranet Tam-Tam +Ljubljanske mlekarne corporate Intranet.

During my professional career, I had the opportunity to manage several product design and development projects. Some were in the range of up to 250.000 €, but some other had to be built literally over the night. As, for example, a corporate intranet for Ljubljanske mlekarne that was using IBM’s WebSphere. Where I made the wireframes, flowcharts, and personas. Over the night literally.

Design for Ljubljanske mlekarne corporate intranet LMnet


Find some other products developed for the Ljubljanske mlekarne, while I was leading Vizuarna >>


+book +research papers +blogs +e-mailings +online surveys.

My book on business model innovation was published in 2014. My research paper on that topic, titled ‘Key resources in small and medium enterprises for business model innovation’ was accepted among Top 30 and presented at the 20th International Conference Sustainable Innovation 2015. I’m a skilled writer and a multilingual blogger. Able to use emailing tolls such as MailChimp and other online tools to conduct on-line surveys.


In autumn 2016, I received my habilitation as as Senior Lecturer in Design Management at the Faculty of Design, an associated member of the University of Primorska. At this Faculty, I teach two subjects, one is Brand Development Studio and the other is Project Management. As a Presentation Coach, I had the opportunity to work with several of my colleagues from business and science in upgrading their presentation skills. Read more about one such assignment >>


For wide range of of our clients at Vizuarna we designed and developed new brand architectures and corporate identities. I also wrote a master thesis on that topic, with a title: ‘Corporate design strategy and branding: The role of design management in developing the corporate identity’.


I managed to secure up to 200.000 € of financing for the development of the interactive design annual report system in 2009. Since then, I have worked with several organisations and companies on securing the Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation and other EC grants.

Some of my recent Horizon 2020 and other EC grant projects include: +Organization, concept and management (including the dissemination plan) of the consortium from ten EU countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia), consisting of twenty expert organisations, public relations consultancies and other energy industry partners. My role was leadership, professional review and submission of the application to the call of the European Commission No. EASME/H2020/EE/2015/029: Sustainable energy investment forums: supporting an investment momentum in the EU. Budget: 1.6 Mio €. Consortium leader: Energetika Ljubljana. Contact: Samo Lozej, General Manager, t: +386 1 588 90 00.

+In direct contact with more than 1,200 small to medium sized enterprises in Slovenia in 2015, working with several of them on the European Commission Horizon 2020 call for SMEs: Business Model Innovation including the: business planning, financial and marketing plans for their internationalisation of up to 2.5 million euros, and seminars to build their business model innovation capabilities.

+My research institute dŠola Ljutomer is a support partner in the Design for Europe project, initially the European design innovation platform Call (EDIP). Consortium is consisting of three leading partners: Design Council (UK), Danish Design Centre (DK) and Politecnico di Milano (IT) and other eleven organizations. Budget of the project: €3,000,000. Contact: Benjamin Brown, Policy Advisor; t: +44 20 7 420 5 200.

+Strategy, business and marketing planning the internationalisation of Slovenian SMEs, the budget of the project: €10,000 each. -Gigodesign, design communications consultancy; contact: Miha Klinar, Director & Partner; t: +386 1 239 64 70. -Consensus, communication consultancy: contact: Andrej Drapal, Consultant; t: +386 1 2414 600. -Temma-X, media production/event management; contact: Peter Keček, Managing Director, +386 1 433 96 39.

+Leading the application for Media for All tender, Reference: EuropeAid/133-930/L/ACT/XK by European Union Office in Kosovo. Budget of the project: €550,000. Client: University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Institute of Media Communications. Contact: Head of the Institute – David Podgorelec, PhD; Assist. Prof. t: +386 2 220 74 74.


In 2000, I’ve a organised a series of regional press conferences to support the advertising campaign for the project Recreation 2000 – Living Healthy While Having Fun for the Ministry of School and Sport and Slovenian Sports Office.

In that year, I was also responsible for the public relations and promotions of the Siemens Mobile Beach-Volley series for the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia.

Programme catalogue for the project Recreation 2000 – Living healthy while having fun, distributed to the 600,000 Slovenian households



Technical editor of several publications in Slovene: “C program gimnastike: Priročnik za vaditelje, trenerje in študente Fakultete za šport”, Ljubljana, 2001 and “Bazenska kopališča v Sloveniji” and “Učenje plavanja v Sloveniji 1994-2000”, both in Ljubljana, 2001.

“C program gimnastike: Priročnik za vaditelje, trenerje in študente Fakultete za šport”, handbook cover.


home > about me > my qualifications & skills > professional & research skills


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