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Design Studies | The Interdisciplinary Journal of Design Research

Dorst, K., 2011. The core of ‘design thinking’and its application. Design studies, 32(6), pp.521-532.

Ceschin, F. and Gaziulusoy, I., 2016. Evolution of design for sustainability: From product design to design for system innovations and transitions. Design Studies, 47, pp.118-163.

Oxman, R., 2017. Thinking difference: Theories and models of parametric design thinking. Design Studies, 52, pp.4-39.

Resources, Conservation and Recycling

Witjes, S. and Lozano, R., 2016. Towards a more Circular Economy: Proposing a framework linking sustainable public procurement and sustainable business models. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 112, pp.37-44.

Journal of Product Innovation Management

Liedtka, J., 2015. Perspective: Linking design thinking with innovation outcomes through cognitive bias reduction. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(6), pp.925-938.

Journal of Business Venturing | A Journal Dedicated to Entrepreneurship

Strohmeyer, R., Tonoyan, V. and Jennings, J.E., 2017. Jacks-(and Jills)-of-all-trades: On whether, how and why gender influences firm innovativeness. Journal of Business Venturing, 32(5), pp.498-518.

Energy Policy | The International Journal of the Political, Economic, Planning, Environmental and Social Aspects of Energy

Gabriel, C.A. and Kirkwood, J., 2016. Business models for model businesses: Lessons from renewable energy entrepreneurs in developing countries. Energy Policy, 95, pp.336-349.

Communications of the ACM | Trusted Insights for Computing’s Leading Professionals

Sako, M., 2012. Business models for strategy and innovation. Communications of the ACM, 55(7), pp.22-24.

Journal of Management & Governance

Bagnoli, C. and Redigolo, G., 2016. Business model in IPO prospectuses: insights from Italian Innovation Companies. Journal of Management & Governance, 20(2), pp.261-294.

Journal of Management

Foss, N.J. and Saebi, T., 2017. Fifteen years of research on business model innovation: How far have we come, and where should we go?. Journal of Management, 43(1), pp.200-227.

Academy of Management Journal

Gruber, M., De Leon, N., George, G. and Thompson, P., 2015. Managing by design. Academy of Management Journal, 58(1), pp.1-7.

Business Strategy and the Environment

Evans, S., Vladimirova, D., Holgado, M., Van Fossen, K., Yang, M., Silva, E.A. and Barlow, C.Y., 2017. Business Model Innovation for Sustainability: Towards a Unified Perspective for Creation of Sustainable Business Models. Business Strategy and the Environment, 26, pp.597-608.

Research-Technology Management

Dell’Era, C., Marchesi, A. and Verganti, R., 2010. Mastering technologies in design-driven innovation. Research-Technology Management, 53(2), pp.12-23.

Futures | The journal of policy, planning and futures studies

Brassett, J. and O’Reilly, J., 2015. Styling the future. A philosophical approach to design and scenarios. Futures, 74, pp.37-48.

California Management Review

Kastalli, I.V., Van Looy, B. and Neely, A., 2013. Steering manufacturing firms towards service business model innovation. California Management Review, 56(1), pp.100-123.

Industrial Marketing Management | The International Journal of Marketing for Industrial and High-Tech Firms

Forkmann, S., Ramos, C., Henneberg, S.C. and Naudé, P., 2017. Understanding the service infusion process as a business model reconfiguration. Industrial Marketing Management, 60, pp.151-166.

Luotola, H., Hellström, M., Gustafsson, M. and Perminova-Harikoski, O., 2017. Embracing uncertainty in value-based selling by means of design thinking. Industrial Marketing Management, 65, pp. 59-75.

Research Policy | Policy, management and economic studies of science, technology and innovation

Bolton, R. and Hannon, M., 2016. Governing sustainability transitions through business model innovation: Towards a systems understanding. Research Policy, 45(9), pp.1731-1742.

Journal of Cleaner Production

Cucuzzella, C., 2016. Creativity, sustainable design and risk management. Journal of Cleaner Production, 135, pp.1548-1558.

Prendeville, S.M., O’Connor, F., Bocken, N.M. and Bakker, C., 2017. Uncovering ecodesign dilemmas: A path to business model innovation. Journal of Cleaner Production, 143, pp.1327-1339.

Yang, M., Evans, S., Vladimirova, D. and Rana, P., 2017. Value uncaptured perspective for sustainable business model innovation. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140, pp.1794-1804.

França, C.L., Broman, G., Robèrt, K.H., Basile, G. and Trygg, L., 2017. An approach to business model innovation and design for strategic sustainable development. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140, pp.155-166.

Joyce, A. and Paquin, R.L., 2016. The triple layered business model canvas: A tool to design more sustainable business models. Journal of Cleaner Production, 135, pp.1474-1486.

Baldassarre, B., Calabretta, G., Bocken, N.M.P. and Jaskiewicz, T., 2017. Bridging sustainable business model innovation and user-driven innovation: A process for sustainable value proposition design. Journal of Cleaner Production, 147, pp.175-186.

Rauter, R., Jonker, J. and Baumgartner, R.J., 2017. Going one’s own way: drivers in developing business models for sustainability. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140, pp.144-154.

Kurucz, E.C., Colbert, B.A., Lüdeke-Freund, F., Upward, A. and Willard, B., 2017. Relational leadership for strategic sustainability: practices and capabilities to advance the design and assessment of sustainable business models. Journal of Cleaner Production, 140, pp.189-204.

Geissdoerfer, M., Bocken, N.M. and Hultink, E.J., 2016. Design thinking to enhance the sustainable business modelling process–A workshop based on a value mapping process. Journal of Cleaner Production, 135, pp.1218-1232.

Lüdeke-Freund, F. and Dembek, K., 2017. Sustainable business model research and practice: Emerging field or passing fancy?. Journal of Cleaner Production, xxx, pp.1-11.

Piscicelli, L., Ludden, G.D. and Cooper, T., 2017. What makes a sustainable business model successful? An empirical comparison of two peer-to-peer goods-sharing platforms. Journal of Cleaner Production, xxx, pp. 1-12.

Neumeyer, X. and Santos, S.C., 2017. Sustainable business models, venture typologies, and entrepreneurial ecosystems: A social network perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production, xxx, pp. 1-15.

Long Range Planning | International Journal of Strategic Management

Foss, N.J. and Saebi, T., 2017. Business models and business model innovation: Between wicked and paradigmatic problems. Long Range Planning, xxx, pp. 1-13.

Hacklin, F., Björkdahl, J. and Wallin, M.W., 2017. Strategies for business model innovation: How firms reel in migrating value. Long Range Planning, xxx, pp. 1-29.

Teece, D.J., 2017. Business models and dynamic capabilities. Long Range Planning, xxx, pp. 1-10.

Mehrizi, M.H.R. and Lashkarbolouki, M., 2016. Unlearning troubled business models: from realization to marginalization. Long Range Planning, 49(3), pp.298-323.

Karimi, J. and Walter, Z., 2016. Corporate entrepreneurship, disruptive business model innovation adoption, and its performance: The case of the newspaper industry. Long Range Planning, 49(3), pp.342-360.

Futterer, F., Schmidt, J. and Heidenreich, S., 2017. Effectuation or causation as the key to corporate venture success? Investigating effects of entrepreneurial behaviors on business model innovation and venture performance. Long Range Planning, xxx, pp. 1-18.

Markides, C. and Sosa, L., 2013. Pioneering and first mover advantages: the importance of business models. Long Range Planning, 46(4), pp.325-334.

DaSilva, C.M. and Trkman, P., 2014. Business model: what it is and what it is not. Long range planning, 47(6), pp.379-389.

Baden-Fuller, C. and Haefliger, S., 2013. Business models and technological innovation. Long range planning, 46(6), pp.419-426.

Cosenz, F. and Noto, G., 2017. A dynamic business modelling approach to design and experiment new business venture strategies. Long Range Planning.

Wirtz, B.W., Pistoia, A., Ullrich, S. and Göttel, V., 2016. Business models: Origin, development and future research perspectives. Long Range Planning, 49(1), pp.36-54.

Zott, C. and Amit, R., 2010. Business model design: an activity system perspective. Long range planning, 43(2), pp.216-226.

Teece, D.J., 2010. Business models, business strategy and innovation. Long range planning, 43(2), pp.172-194.

Tourism Management

Souto, J.E., 2015. Business model innovation and business concept innovation as the context of incremental innovation and radical innovation. Tourism Management, 51, pp.142-155.

Journal of Business Research

Battistella, C., De Toni, A.F., De Zan, G. and Pessot, E., 2017. Cultivating business model agility through focused capabilities: A multiple case study. Journal of Business Research, 73, pp.65-82.

Bouncken, R.B. and Fredrich, V., 2016. Good fences make good neighbors? Directions and safeguards in alliances on business model innovation. Journal of Business Research, 69(11), pp.5196-5202.

Kulins, C., Leonardy, H. and Weber, C., 2016. A configurational approach in business model design. Journal of Business Research, 69(4), pp.1437-1441.

Ricciardi, F., Zardini, A. and Rossignoli, C., 2016. Organizational dynamism and adaptive business model innovation: The triple paradox configuration. Journal of Business Research, 69(11), pp.5487-5493.

Bouncken, R.B. and Fredrich, V., 2016. Business model innovation in alliances: Successful configurations. Journal of Business Research, 69(9), pp.3584-3590.

Hao, S. and Song, M., 2016. Technology-driven strategy and firm performance: Are strategic capabilities missing links?. Journal of Business Research, 69(2), pp.751-759.

Linton, G. and Kask, J., 2017. Configurations of entrepreneurial orientation and competitive strategy for high performance. Journal of Business Research, 70, pp.168-176.

Technovation | The International Journal of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management

Velu, C., 2015. Business model innovation and third-party alliance on the survival of new firms. Technovation, 35, pp.1-11.

Tongur, S. and Engwall, M., 2014. The business model dilemma of technology shifts. Technovation, 34(9), pp.525-535.

Information Systems Journal

Ebel, P., Bretschneider, U. and Leimeister, J.M., 2016. Leveraging virtual business model innovation: a framework for designing business model development tools. Information Systems Journal, 26(5), pp.519-550.

Technological Forecasting and Social Change | An International Journal

Toro-Jarrín, M.A., Ponce-Jaramillo, I.E. and Güemes-Castorena, D., 2016. Methodology for the of building process integration of Business Model Canvas and Technological Roadmap. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 110, pp.213-225.

Scandinavian journal of forest research

Kajanus, M., Iire, A., Eskelinen, T., Heinonen, M. and Hansen, E., 2014. Business model design: new tools for business systems innovation. Scandinavian journal of forest research, 29(6), pp.603-614.

European Management Journal

Hu, B., 2014. Linking business models with technological innovation performance through organizational learning. European Management Journal, 32(4), pp.587-595.

R&D Management

Spieth, P., Schneckenberg, D. and Matzler, K., 2016. Exploring the linkage between business model (&) innovation and the strategy of the firm. R&D Management, 46(3), pp.403-413.

Guo, H., Tang, J., Su, Z. and Katz, J.A., 2017. Opportunity recognition and SME performance: the mediating effect of business model innovation. R&D Management, 47(3), pp.431-442.

Laudien, S.M. and Daxböck, B., 2017. Business model innovation processes of average market players: a qualitative‐empirical analysis. R&D Management, 47(3), pp.420-430.

The Design Journal | An International Journal for All Aspects of Design

Sun, Q., Williams, A. and Evans, M., 2011. A theoretical design management framework. The Design Journal, 14(1), pp.112-132.

Design Issues

Iduarte, J.T. and Zarza, M.P., 2010. Design management in small-and medium-sized Mexican enterprises. Design Issues, 26(4), pp.20-31.

Hobday, M., Boddington, A. and Grantham, A., 2011. An innovation perspective on design: Part 1. Design Issues, 27(4), pp.5-15.

Buchanan, R., 1992. Wicked problems in design thinking. Design issues, 8(2), pp.5-21.

British Journal of Management

Frow, P., Nenonen, S., Payne, A. and Storbacka, K., 2015. Managing co‐creation design: A strategic approach to innovation. British Journal of Management, 26(3), pp.463-483.

Project Management Journal

Ben Mahmoud‐Jouini, S., Midler, C. and Silberzahn, P., 2016. Contributions of Design Thinking to Project Management in an Innovation Context. Project Management Journal, 47(2), pp.144-156.

Strategy & Leadership

Leavy, B., 2010. A system for innovating business models for breakaway growth. Strategy & Leadership, 38(6), pp.5-15.

Liedtka, J., 2014. Innovative ways companies are using design thinking. Strategy & Leadership, 42(2), pp.40-45.

Creativity and Innovation Management

Landoni, P., Dell’Era, C., Ferraloro, G., Peradotto, M., Karlsson, H. and Verganti, R., 2016. Design Contribution to the Competitive Performance of SMEs: The Role of Design Innovation Capabilities. Creativity and Innovation Management, 25(4), pp.484-499.

Täuscher, K. and Abdelkafi, N., 2017. Visual tools for business model innovation: Recommendations from a cognitive perspective. Creativity and Innovation Management, 26(2), pp.160-174.

Erichsen, P.G. and Christensen, P.R., 2013. The evolution of the design management field: a journal perspective. Creativity and innovation Management, 22(2), pp.107-120.

Acklin, C., 2013. Design Management Absorption Model: A framework to describe and measure the absorption process of design knowledge by SMEs with little or no prior design experience. Creativity and Innovation management, 22(2), pp.147-160.

Carlgren, L., Rauth, I. and Elmquist, M., 2016. Framing design thinking: The concept in idea and enactment. Creativity and Innovation Management, 25(1), pp.38-57.

Johansson‐Sköldberg, U., Woodilla, J. and Çetinkaya, M., 2013. Design thinking: past, present and possible futures. Creativity and Innovation Management, 22(2), pp.121-146.

Management Decision

Battistella, C., Biotto, G. and De Toni, A.F., 2012. From design driven innovation to meaning strategy. Management Decision, 50(4), pp.718-743.

Fernández-Mesa, A., Alegre-Vidal, J., Chiva-Gómez, R. and Gutiérrez-Gracia, A., 2013. Design management capability and product innovation in SMEs. Management Decision, 51(3), pp.547-565.

Technology Analysis & Strategic Management

Dell’Era, C., Altuna, N., Magistretti, S. and Verganti, R., 2017. Discovering quiescent meanings in technologies: exploring the design management practices that support the development of Technology Epiphanies. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 29(2), pp.149-166.

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal

Gil-Pechuan, I., Exposito-Langa, M. and Tomas-Miquel, J.V., 2013. International entrepreneurship in SMEs: a study of influencing factors in the textile industry. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 9(1), pp.45-57.

Sustainable Cities and Society

Zhao, X., Pan, W. and Lu, W., 2016. Business model innovation for delivering zero carbon buildings. Sustainable Cities and Society, 27, pp.253-262.

Strategic Direction

Ghezzi, A. and Ghezzi, A., 2017. “Reinventing the wheel” as an emerging business model innovation paradigm. Strategic Direction, 33(5), pp.1-4.

2017. Preserving the future of business: Making consumption habits sustainable in the face of environmental challenges. Strategic Direction, 33(7), pp.20-22.

Computer Standards & Interfaces | The International Journal on the Development and Application of Standards for Computers, Software Quality, Data Communications, Interfaces and Measurement

Chou, D.C., 2017. Applying design thinking method to social entrepreneurship project. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 000, pp.1-7.

GfK Marketing Intelligence Review

Zott, C. and Amit, R., 2017. Business Model Innovation: How to Create Value in a Digital World. GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 9(1), p.18.

Review of Social Economy

Warnecke, T., 2016. Capabilities, human development, and design thinking: a framework for gender-sensitive entrepreneurship programs. Review of Social Economy, 74(4), pp.420-430.

19th Conference on Business Informatics

Still, K., Seppänen, M., Korhonen, H., Valkokari, K., Suominen, A. and Kumpulainen, M., 2017, July. Business model innovation of startups developing multisided digital platforms. In Business Informatics (CBI), 2017 IEEE 19th Conference on Business Informatics (Vol. 2, pp. 70-75). IEEE.

Mikusz, M., Schäfer, T., Taraba, T. and Jud, C., 2017, July. Transforming the Connected Car into a Business Model Innovation. In Business Informatics (CBI), 2017 IEEE 19th Conference on Business Informatics (Vol. 1, pp. 247-256). IEEE.

Tsinghua International

Straker, K., Wrigley, C. and Rosemann, M., 2013, December. Can emotion provide a new approach to business model innovation?. In Design Management Symposium (TIDMS), 2013 IEEE Tsinghua International (pp. 312-317). IEEE.

14th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (

Prendeville, S. and Bocken, N., 2017. Sustainable Business Models through Service Design. Procedia Manufacturing, 14th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (8, pp.292-299).

Geissdoerfer, M., Savaget, P. and Evans, S., 2017. The cambridge business model innovation process. Procedia Manufacturing, 14th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (8, pp.262-269).

The 9th CIRP IPSS Conference: Circular perspectives on Product/Service-System

Adrodegari, F., Pashou, T. and Saccani, N., 2017. Business Model Innovation: Process and Tools for Service Transformation of Industrial Firms. Procedia CIRP, The 9th CIRP IPSS Conference: Circular perspectives on Product/Service-System (64, pp.103-108).

Laurischkat, K. and Viertelhausen, A., 2017. Business Model Gaming: A Game-Based Methodology for E-Mobility Business Model Innovation. Procedia CIRP, The 9th CIRP IPSS Conference: Circular perspectives on Product/Service-System (64, pp.115-120).

11th International Strategic Management Conference 2015

Koçoğlu, İ., İmamoğlu, S.Z., Akgün, A.E., İnce, H. and Keskin, H., 2015. Exploring the Unseen: A Collective Emotional Framework in Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Model Innovation. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 11th International Strategic Management Conference 2015 (207, pp.729-738).

Technology & Engineering Management Conference (TEMSCON)

Wittig, A., Kulins, C. and Weber, C., 2017, June. Toward a best practice framework in business model innovation. In Technology & Engineering Management Conference (TEMSCON), 2017 IEEE (pp. 86-93). IEEE.

IUP Journal of Business Strategy

Bashir, M. and Verma, R., 2017. Why Business Model Innovation Is the New Competitive Advantage. IUP Journal of Business Strategy, 14(1), p.7.

Journal of Business Models

Wirtz, B.W., Göttel, V. and Daiser, P., 2016. Business model innovation: development, concept and future research directions. Journal of Business Models, 4(1), pp.1-28.

Iivari, M.M., 2015. Dynamics of openness in SMEs: A business model and innovation strategy perspective. Journal of Business Models, 3(2), pp.30-50.

The Winners

Swasty, W., 2015. Business Model Innovation for Small Medium Enterprises. The Winners, 16(2), pp.85-95.

Strategic Design Research Journal

Grácio, H.L. and Rijo, C., 2017. Design thinking in the scope of strategic and collaborative design. Strategic Design Research Journal, 10(1), pp.30-35.

de Mello Freire, K., 2017. From strategic planning to the designing of strategies: A change in favor of strategic design. Strategic Design Research Journal, 10(2), p.91.

Gribbin, J.J., Young, R. and Aftab, M., 2017. Understanding the dynamics of attitudes within a design and business focused collaboration. Strategic Design Research Journal, 10(2), p.126.


Marolt, M., Lenart, G., Maletič, D., Borštnar, M.K. and Pucihar, A., 2016. Business Model Innovation: Insights from a Multiple Case Study of Slovenian SMEs. Organizacija, 49(3), pp.161-171.

Zbornik Ekonomskog fakulteta u Zagrebu

Srhoj, S. and Morić Milovanović, B., 2016. Dizajn razmišljanje kao suvremeni pristup rješavanju poslovnih problema. Zbornik Ekonomskog fakulteta u Zagrebu, 14(2), pp.63-91.

She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation

Buchanan, R., 2015. Worlds in the making: design, management, and the reform of organizational culture. She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, 1(1), pp.5-21.

Wrigley, C., 2016. Design innovation catalysts: Education and impact. She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, 2(2), pp.148-165.

Design Management Journal

Acklin, C., 2010. Design‐Driven Innovation Process Model. Design Management Journal, 5(1), pp.50-60.

Rajabalinejad, M. and Spitas, C., 2011. Incorporating uncertainty into the design management process. Design Management Journal, 6(1), pp.52-67.

Global Design

Befort, M., 2013. Global Design: Design strategische Studie; Status Quo der Designaktivitäten in globalen Unternehmen.

Best, K., 2011. What can design bring to strategy? Designing thinking as a tool for innovation and change. Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Marko Savić
I’m exploring & researching the inter-dependence of the business model innovation with design thinking. You may wish to hire me as a Business Design Coach or Senior Lecturer in Design Management or as a Key-Note Speaker at your next event.


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