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15th & 16th, 2014

Starts at 10:00

Wien, Impact Hub
Lindengasse 56,
1070 Wien

Tickets from €210


One reason to attend the business design workshop in Vienna

Business models are changing. Faster than ever. If you don’t wish to be “netlixed”, learn the new language of the business model generation in only one day. Invest in your most important capability and attend the business model design workshop in German.

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All change is linguistic. To change your business model, first change your language. —Tim Williams, marketing author


Business model design is not a lonely endeavour

In the old days, executives came up with a a detailed yearly and even strategic business plans. In today’s complex world such an individual approach doesn’t work any more. At the business design workshop you’ll design in small groups using extremely efficient design thinking methodology. This will enable us to design up to 30 business models in just one day. Yes, up to 30 business models.

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Testimonials from previous business design workshops


Helena Franca, Independent Design Professional
Helena Franca, Independent Design Professional

Helena Franca, Independent Design Professional


The starting point of the workshop was the business models design, but such an experience includes also aspects of a team work, adapting to new situations, quick thinking and optimizing the performance. —Helena Franca, Independent Design Professional >

Danilo Kozoderc, Education and Innovation Management Consultant
Danilo Kozoderc, Education and Innovation Management Consultant

Danilo Kozoderc, Education and Innovation Management Consultant


A general assessment of the workshop: Satisfied!

The key value that I gained at the workshop is my awareness of the need to do prototyping of business models. One doesn’t necessarily need to use a lot of time for each iteration.

I will recommend this workshop to others because they will improve the skill of business models design… —Danilo Kozoderc, Education and Innovation Management Consultant >

Tina Koder Grajzar, Arts and Crafts Designer
Tina Koder Grajzar, Arts and Crafts Designer

Tina Koder Grajzar, Arts and Crafts Designer


The workshop was useful for me.

I liked in particular that the Business Model Canvas was in the spotlight. We had it all the time in front of us and through tasks we gradually memorized it. This approach seemed very interesting and effective, but I was a little scared in the beginning.

I must recommend Marko’s professional approach and communication before, during and now after the workshop. —Tina Koder Grajzar, Arts and Crafts Designer >


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The power of the Business Model Canvas presented in one day

Business model canvas is the basic tool for the business model innovation used by more than 650.000 practitioners all around the world, in the companies of all sizes and across industries.

A programme of the first day of the workshop has three parts: introduction, main part of business model design and the closure with the design thinking documentary. We’ll have two breaks and a lunch break.

The second day business design master-class is suited exclusively for all of you who wish to immediately explore your business model ideas with the business model generation methodology.

More details on the workshop programme >


Business design workshop Wien will be facilitated by Marko Savic, MA, MBA

Marko Savić, Business Designer

Marko Savić, MA, MBA


The workshop is organized and conducted by Marko Savić, a business designer with background in business administration and media studies. Marko is an experienced business model design workshop facilitator. He is the brains of the Vienna workshop and the leader of the pack.

He’s extensive experience in interaction design projects. His main motivation is connecting business model innovation with design thinking—especially new [internet] technologies with design driven innovation. In recent years he’s a temporary resident of Berlin, Ljubljana and Vienna.

But Marko is also an independent researcher and founder of dŠola Ljutomer who has published a book on business model design .

More about the workshop facilitator >


Registration for the workshop starting at €210


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15th & 16th, 2014

Starts at 10:00

Wien, Impact Hub
Lindengasse 56, 1070 Wien

Tickets from €210

home > attend workshops > workshop: business model design: wien

Workshop: Business model design: Wien

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