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Marko Savić, Business Designer

Marko Savić, MA, MBA


My preferred mode of contact is by

and/or by

  • mobile phone: +386 41 730 882.

You’ll also find me NOT ONLY on Skype

  • with my username: marko.savic.007

but also on Viber & WhatsApp.

Please, refer me through my social network by

Speaking engagements

An important part of my mission is to present the knowledge of business design, design leadership and brand identities to wider audiences and business communities. In the past, I was engaged in different trade and design organisations. Your speaking requests must include date, place and conditions offered.

Media requests

Requests regarding interviews must include name of the media, web-link, circulation, deadline and desired length of the interview or article. All requests should to be written in either in English, German, Serbian/Croation or Slovene.

Coaching & consulting requests

Please include information:

  1. How did you find me?
  2. More about your organisation?
  3. More about your particular project or problem?

Keep in mind, beyond that I’ll still try to identify if there’s a match between us.

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