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Master of Science (M. Sc.) / My qualifications & skills

M. Sc., Anthropology of Everyday Life

Core courses of my Master in Anthropology were: —Epistemology of the Humanities; —Anthropology of the Current World; —Political Anthropology; —Technicalistic home and family in between the media; —Psychoanalysis and Feminism (psychoanalysis, body policies); —Anthropology and Racism.

It is a humanistic field of study, programme of study was Anthropology of Everyday Life, Media Studies, language of instruction was Slovene and my average grade was 9.17.

My master’s thesis title was: Šport in rekreacija v vsakdanjem življenju kot način za nadzorovanje teles: politike teles in medijski konstrukti; master’s thesis grade was 10 and my mentor was Melita Zajc, PhD, Assistant Professor. Continue reading

Master of Science (M. Sc.) / My qualifications & skills

M. Sc. in Business Administration

My international MBA degree program was pursued in the 2004-2005 academic year and contained all together sixteen modules, all the way from the Management and Organization to the Organizational Behaviour & Organizational Development.

Field of study: Social sciences. Study programme: Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Business Administration. Option; General Management.

Access to further study: Doctoral programs. Master’s programme (two years) total: 120 ECTS. Classroom instruction: 90 ECTS. Master’s thesis: 30 ECTS Continue reading

Business Design Coach
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Business Design Coach

Marko Savić is a skilled presenter with strong presence, multi-language abilities and multi-cultural experiences.
His current field of interest is business model innovation in connection with design thinking. As an experienced design manager and senior lecturer, Marko is an expert in design and brand strategies and project management in creative endeavours.
Consider hiring him four your business innovation efforts.
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Public speeches, lectures / presentations and round-tables
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Public speeches, lectures / presentations and round-tables

My speeches and presentations cover wide range of topics. From Design Strategies and Economy, Cross-Media Publishing, Business Model Innovation and recently on the topics of Interaction Design, Information Architecture and Behaviour Design.

Not least, I’ve been a speaker at the international scientific conferences. … Continue reading

Interactive seminar: 3 ways insurgent companies create value
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Interactive seminar: 3 ways insurgent companies create value

The purpose of the interactive seminar: 3 ways insurgent companies create value was to present some research findings that business model innovation brings value not only to companies but also to the society.
Seminar showed the connection of design thinking with new business models by using a creative game Marshmallow challenge. Seminar speaker and coach was Marko Savić, while moderation was done by Simona Rakuša.

At the seminar the book on business model innovation was presented (in Slovene: Oblikovanje poslovnih modelov: Kje se skriva ključ do debelih vrednosti v prodornih organizacijah?). The whole event was part of the Design for Europe project. Continue reading